Located in Seminole, TX, we offer solar energy solutions and water pumps, single-phase, and 3 phase and solar pumps.

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About Us

Here at Friesen Energy Solutions, it is our goal to help our clients invest in solar energy to save money in the long run. We even offer creative solutions for those that don’t have access to electricity nearby.


Our mission at Friesen Energy Solutions is to spread awareness of how effective solar energy can really be. We also want to provide farmers and ranchers with better solutions for irrigation and pond setups.

Estimated Pay Off

For those wanting to invest in solar energy, as long as your electric company gives you straight kilowatt to kilowatt the average pay off is about 6 years.


In terms of getting your equipment setup, it is very easy to do. Besides some basic wiring, it’s basically plug & play. But for those that need, we can install it for you. 

We are fully licensed and insured to do electrical wiring on barns, residential, offices, houses, anything!

We offer all types of services and products to meet your solar energy needs!

Advice for farmers: VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) are extremely helpful for farmers, it saves so much wear and tear on the pumps and motors. It is also easier to adjust pumps. VFD’s also don’t have problems with sand and dirt so it doesn’t pump air. Let’s say a farmer has a well for 10 horse pump but in winter only 5, with the VFD you can turn down the flow so it doesn’t pump air. Therefore saving you electricity and wear on the pump.

Single-phase pumps

We offer single phase pumps for house wells.

3 Phase pumps

We also offer 3 phase 480 volts and motors all stainless steel. We also sell pumps wholesale to dealers.


With solar pumps, we can give access to ranchers or farmers to pump water where there is no power.

Off-Grid systems

We can do Off the Grid systems with solar energy.